Friday, July 25, 2008

Heat Wave

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It is July in Arkansas and temperatures are nearing 100 degrees. That means August is still ahead and I just got an electric bill that boggles the mind. We’ve been doing such a great job of keeping the thermostats set several degrees higher than is usually comfortable, then moving the air around with the ceiling fans.  I was really hoping for a bill that made me feel quite smart for all of our efficiency efforts.  I can only imaging what it would have been if we hadn’t been trying so hard.  Ugh.

Just noticed another presidential popularity poll.  This one from Fox News.  Ever THERE, the news for George W. Bush is not good.

27 percent: Bush hits new approval low in Fox News poll.

In a new Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Corp poll, just 27 percent of the country approves of President Bush’s job performance, which is his lowest approval rating yet in that poll: TPM’s Eric Kleefeld points out that the Fox poll also contained “some rather loaded questions,” such as starting a question by stating that “some people believe [...]


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