Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your Attendance Is Required...

Work is now guaranteed for dozens of those White House lawyers...

Finally, The Subpoenas

Let’s have the court challenge front and center now. Democrats in Congress need to get over the fantasy that they can negotiate a solution with this White House. The Bush Administration will reject the subpoenas on grounds of executive privilege and force the Democrats to take this to court. Do it now, so that the rest of Bush’s agenda and his [...]

Senate subpoenas Cheney's office, forcing him to claim executive privelege

But of course, Cheney just said he and his office are not part of the executive branch. But he'll have to change his tune immediately in order to squash the subpoena by claiming executive privelege. And that is why the subpoena was issued right now, to force Cheney to recant his recent claim that he's a new and independent 4th [...]

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