Thursday, October 08, 2009

Big news and big numbers for President Clinton Avenue

I'm trying to get back into the routine of writing about Little Rock for the fine folks at The Examiner. They continue to grow and the number of people coming to the site for information is increasing exponentially. So, as part of the process of looking for interesting stories for our own The Rock in Review, I'm keeping my eyes open and fingers ready to type.  At Station X, we're working hard on pulling together the pieces to make The Rock in Review one of the best hyper-local news sites anywhere. And we'll be asking for your help.  In the meantime, know that I'm looking for those great stories that just miss the headlines.  Case in point? Some great news for Little Rock's Rivermarket district!

Big news and big numbers for President Clinton Avenue
$1.5 billion dollars. A top ten designation. Those are impressive numbers by any account. But, just in case that first number didn't sink in, let me spell it out: One point five billion dollars. That's how much economic [...]

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