Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don’t You Love Being a Test Reader?

So, for the third (fourth, fifth) time, I’m giving  Windows Live Writer a test drive. All of the write-ups say it’s a pretty impressive blogging tool. I’ve not been impressed in the past, sluggish (at least on my old laptop!) and it hasn’t liked to format material I copy from bloglines correctly.  Let’s do a little experiment together, shall we?  How does this look?

Scientists 'disappointed, upset,' and 'consternated' that Bush officials misused their work to justify torture.

In the past week, at least three scientists have come out and objected to their work on sleep deprivation being used by the CIA and Justice Department to justify torture. In one of his 2005 memos, the OLC's Steven Bradbury said that sleep deprivation causes "at most only relatively moderate decreases in pain tolerance." But [...]

I’m still not sure. Took a LOT of mouseclicks so far.


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