Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Digging Into Your Pockets

Ever write a bad check? Sure you have. Most people probably have done it, once or twice. If your bank didn't cover it, and charge you 20 bucks or more, you probably found yourself paying a collection agency even more to make it right.  But, it was likely nothing like this:

D.A.s Around the Country Are Taking A Cut From Collection Agencies - at Your Expense

"They make you feel like a criminal. They try scare tactics, harassment and everything. And you take a look and ask, 'Seriously, is the attorney general of Florida after me for a $14 bounced check?' " - Michael O'Neil, who wrote two bad checks while living in Florida. Amazing story. Basically, these District Attorney offices are renting out their name to deceptive bill collectors for bounced checks under $100. Think about it: [...]

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