Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I have to admit, that handy little web application called Twitter has become a focus of my internet experience. It's constant presence, either via the Friendbar in my browser or via Twhirl down in the task tray at the bottom of my screen. Thanks to the twitter services I've found, I get a constant stream of breaking news, media layoffs and just personal chatter. Some twitterers focus on the funny. Many focus on business information. Each seems to lead to another twitterer. If you haven't tried it, start with the wesite (you'll find a link to my feed at the bottom of this post or at the top of the sidebar, over on the right. Here's something that was being talked about by a Twitterer today...

Minn. Navy medic electrocuted in Iraq, didn't die of natural causes

Just one month before Minnesota Navy medic David A. Cedergren, 25, was scheduled to come home from his tour in Iraq in 2004, he was found unconscious in an outdoor shower. He was pronounced dead shortly after and his family was told he died of [...]


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