Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Television CAN Be Stupid

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 I'm a regular viewer of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. They've been promoting today's show for several days as being "Live From The White House". You picture them in the West Wing, right? Wrong! Willie Geist got to wander around inside - a little bit. Everybody else was bundled up OUTSIDE, freezing their backsides off. It's February. In Washington, DC. It's cold, people! Watching people being horribly cold and uncomfortable ain't my idea of fun. UPDATE: Near the end of the show, Mika and Joe did get inside for a quick tour of the press area. Whoopee. I'll look for some video later. For now, know that I'm not alone in being critical of this bone-headed move.

Morning Joe at the White House…

The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik tears MSNBC a new one for Morning Joe broadcasting from the White House… Will someone tell me what MSNBC’s Morning Joe was doing on the lawn of the White House this morning – besides looking foolish? Was the symbolic statement supposed to be: “We can kiss up to the new administration harder [...]

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