Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Satellite Radio

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I bought into Sirius satellite radio early on. We were making regular trips from Little Rock to Columbia, Missouri (where our daughter was in school and we were on the Board of Directors of the Parents' Association) and the idea of having something consistent to listen to for the 6 1/2 hour trip was great. And, it was. No punching around the radio dial to find a similar format when we drove out of one coverage area. Now, Sirius (and former competitor XM Radio) are in trouble. Big trouble. Most of what I listen to is the talk radio channels, since they offer more variety than what we get over the air around here. Still, it's looking like it might be time to cancel my subscription.

Sirius XM stock in freefall on bankruptcy reports

Shareholders stand to get nothing if the satellite radio company files Chapter 11 to thwart a takeover by EchoStar. Sirius XM’s stock lost more than [...]

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