Sunday, February 08, 2009

Radio Grab-Bag

Radio Broadcast StudioImage by stars6 / Leonardo Rizzi via Flickr
This could get quite interesting, if enough people came together to actually do it. Personally, I wonder how an activist group would operate a radio station (and make a profit) unless they had substantial broadcast knowledge among the organizers. I don't argue with the concept of some level of local balance, but I do wonder how to make things profitable.  I am dismayed that so many of the progressive stations seem to have trouble turning the corner to profitability. That being said, I wouldn't want the marketplace to turn heavily in that direction, any more than I like the over-abundance of conservative stations today. Why not some of BOTH voices on a station?

Let's Challenge Radio Station Licenses

Should we be organizing challenges to the licenses of radio stations that do not serve their communities in a balanced way? Earlier I pointed to Bill Press' op-ed on how corporate radio shuts our [...]

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