Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Obama Speech

Keith Olbermann (by Chester Higgins Jr./NYT)Image by Stijn Vogels via Flickr

Let's look at the TV coverage of Obama's big speech Tuesday night. Once again, MSNBC is getting pounded for showing partiality. No kidding! Folks, the traditional lines have been blurred (if not completely obliterated) and I don't see us going back. Still, the debate continues.

The Case Against Olbermann Anchoring the Obama Address?

U.S. News & World Report’s Robert Schlessinger blogs about Keith Olbermann anchoring tonight’s Obama Address… "I’m an Olbermann fan. I enjoy his show (mostly). But he’s not a news reporter, he’s a commentator. The anchor role should be reserved for a straight news man, with the Keith Olbermanns, Pat Buchanans, Rachel Maddows, and so on giving [...]
And, then, there's the big debate over two little words, likely from the mouth of Chris Mathews, at the beginning of Governor Jindal's GOP response: "Oh, God"

Chris Matthews Explains "Oh, God!" Utterance

 UPDATE 2: There's more:

The Morning After Look at the Jindal Response

I’m not sure what is selling lower this morning- Citibank or Jindal 2012 stock, but it really is hard to state accurately just how bad it was. It started off like this: That was Chris Matthews, and while the folks on the right will be screaming about liberal media bias, they might be wise to [...]

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