Monday, February 23, 2009

Making Things Worse

We're into another week and I've let Monday pretty much slip away from me. Been busy putting together an interesting new project that you'll hear about in the next few days. The best thing about it, beyond being fun and interesting, it might generate some cash! In the meantime, trying to keep our collective heads above the water of the markets, there's not much optimism out there. This isn't about the economy, but it is about plans gone wrong.

Is Guantanamo a suicide bomber factory?

Yet another reason why President Obama’s vow to shut down the illegal Guantanamo Bay internment camp is so important: the Washington Post this morning reports of a case where a formerly mild Taliban detainee who fired his gun only once had been transformed into a vicious killer by the time of his release from the [...]

UPDATE: Let's go into the economy in more detail, while we're at it.

Stocks plunge, end day at decade-plus lows

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