Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's All About PR

I watched the eight goobers from the big banks answering questions today in Washington. It's just so darn obvious that they've been caught with their collectives hands in America's tax-supported cookie jar. The Citi guy said something along the lines of "We failed to respond fast enough to the changing situation". If so, why the heck has he been making mega-millions every year?  Isn't that supposedly for his ability to do just that? And, that's just the beginning. The story below is truly mind-boggling.

Bailed out Wall Street firm caught on tape: tells staff to deny payout is a bonus

Your tax dollars at work. Bush rolled out TARP with little oversight and this is why almost no one has sympathy for the banks and financial firms that have done everything in their power to keep living the high life on your dime. This [...]


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