Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Good Life

It's a rainy Saturday. Cold, too. We even got a short round of small hail earlier this morning - enough to cover the deck! Some things just really get under my skin: the idiots on CNBC who were blasting the stimulus package, ignoring how it might help folks who are honestly in trouble, and those who thought they could get away with stealing from good people.

Allen Stanford's Lavish Lifestyle: $10M Florida Mansion, $100M Fleet Of Private Jets

The lavish lifestyle enjoyed by Sir Allen Stanford, the Texas billionaire charged by US financial regulators with "massive" investment fraud, has been laid bare by court documents from two years ago that emerged on Friday. A $10m Florida mansion, bills of up to $75,000 for Christmas presents and [...]
UPDATE: More on Santelli:

"Rude? I Wasn't Being Rude"

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