Saturday, February 21, 2009

Conan Says "So Long" To New York

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I'm not a huge Conan fan. Maybe I just don't stay up that late often enough these days. Maybe I'm getting older. But, last night's farewell show seemed to have some pretty good moments. MSNBC was airing clips all morning and they've made their way to the web now.  In case you've been locked away in a dark room, Conan takes Leno's place on NBC (from Hollywood) in June. Leno moves to (gasp) prime time.

Conan's Final "Late Night" Episode: Will Ferrell, Classic Skits, Andy Richter, Tribute To Staff (VIDEO)

"Late Night" with Conan O'Brien aired its final episode Friday night, ending its run in New York after 2,725 shows. Conan will be moving to Los Anges to over Leno's "Tonight Show" slot, starting in June.Conan had been counting down to the moment all week by taking apart his stage piece by piece and [...]
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