Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Sniffles

65 degrees yesterday - 45 today. No wonder I have the sniffles! It's tough for the human body to handle those wild swings. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all these "social networking" sites, trying to figure out which one most effectively feeds the other, without duplicating information. Once I get it sorted out, I'll pass along some additional links to where you can find me.  For now, consider the mess that was Inauguration Day in DC - information that may explain why the crowd estimates weren't quite as big as some predicted. Quite simply, a heck of a lot of people never got in:

More on the inaugural mess

It'd be nice to know who was responsible for logistics on the mall, and it would be equally nice to know that someone high up understands that this was a big screw up that needs to be addressed for next time. Letting people like Terry Gainer try to downplay how bad it was, and blame the screw up on [...]

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