Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let The Parties Begin

After our frigid weather late last week, we're seeing a wonderfully sunny and warm Sunday. In Washington, the concerts and parties leading up to the inauguration have begun. The cable folks are wall-to-wall with coverage, the MSNBC anchors still warmly tucked away inside, in front of huge windows to the Washington Mall. CNN still seems dedicated to having their anchors and guests try to look warm in their outdoor set. How big a nerd am I? I'm torn between sticking with the inauguration coverage or watching the NFL playoffs.  Guess it's finally time to figure out how to make the picture-in-picture function on my TV work! While I work on that, take a moment to consider the newest numbers about the Obama Administration:

No pressure

It's not unusual for presidents to take office with a degree of public optimism, but Barack Obama will be sworn in with hopefulness that we haven't seen in a long while. To the added advantage of the incoming [...]

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