Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Heads Up!!

 A couple of "heads up" notes for you today.  First of all, if you are in my gmail contact list, you likely got a Facebook invite from me last night.  Don't know where I told it to do that, but feel free to respond or ignore, as the spirit moves you.  Didn't mean to offend anybody, that's for sure.

Now, a literal "heads up" from a tiny airport where big planes have to fly just 10 to 20 feet/meters above the heads of folks on a beach! Not photoshopped, either.

Fly-by Beach

Juliana Airport, in the Antilles, has one of the shortest airstrips in the world and, in order to land, planes have to descend down to 10-20 meters above the heads of relaxing tourists on Maho beach. The landing strip is just over 2,000 meters-long, barely enough for large jets to complete their landings. At the moment [...]

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