Saturday, January 10, 2009


 UGH! Trouble, I guess, comes in pairs. My wife's car was the first to act up, losing oil pressure yesterday whenever it's idling. So, I called a scheduled an appointment with the "car drs." for Monday morning. I took her to work in my car this morning, but noticed a recurrence of a clutch problem from last summer! I'll probably have to have it towed to the same shop that fixed it the first time.  Assuming it IS the same problem (and it sure acts just like it did back then), it should be covered under the shop's one-year warranty. I'm hoping.  In the meantime, I borrowed our daughter's car to cover the weekend errands.

The economic news continues to be dismal. Grim. Upsetting.

Krugman says Obama stimulus plan "falls well short of what’s needed", warns of another Great Depression

Paul Krugman is the second Nobel economist in two days (Stiglitz weighed in yesterday) to say that Obama's stimulus plan isn't big enough to help, by a long shot. It's difficult to overstate the urgency, and easy to sound histrionic. We are in trouble. More and more people, people we trust like Krugman, are throwing [...]
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