Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Snap

 Apologies. Profuse apologies. My blogging seems to have slowed down as the temperatures drop. The weather folks are forecasting lows tonight in the low teens. That's strikingly cold for these parts. Gotta remember to disconnect the garden hoses and leave the kitchen faucet dripping tonight.

I'm struck every time I see the new Net Zero internet commercials on TV.  You'd think dial-up net access might be a dying breed, but they're pitching themselves as an affordable alternative to broadband, one that can save the casual internet user a couple of hundred bucks (or more) a year.  They probably have a point - unless you do a lot of file transfers or have several computers on a home network.  It's an interesting pitch, targeting those impacted the most by the ongoing economic crisis.

Speaking of the economic troubles...

China overtakes Germany to become third largest economy

Will the trend continue and China's growth will make it number one or is this the peak before the bubble bursts? I think there is trouble ahead but then again, everyone is in the same stormy economy right now. If China can [...]

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