Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunny Sunday

It's a bright, cheery, Sunday morning around these parts. I awoke to the confirmation of last week's media rumor - David Gregory is taking the reins of Meet The Press.  A very classy "passing of the torch" by Tom Brokaw, by the way.
Otherwise, election news out of Louisiana seems to be the talk of the morning.

Ah, Dollar Bill, We Hardly Knew Ye’

One of the continuing mysteries of American politics is how William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson manged to keep holding on to his Congressional seat in Louisiana’s second district. After investigator’s located tens of thousands of dollars, neatly wrapped in tin foil, taking the place of burgers and steaks in his freezer, one might think Bill would [...]
Other media rumors:
Mathews Staying at MSNBC
John King to Replace Blitzer on Sunday morning's "Last Word"


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