Friday, December 26, 2008

Slowing Down

The Christmas rush is over (yeah, it's from a really nice Christmas song) and things are returning to normal. Kind of!  I ended up with a productive day, mixed up my first batch of homebrew in my new Mr. Beer system, tossed out the herbs in my Aerogarden and set it up with the Spring Mix that I got for Christmas (amazingly, these are supposed to sprout in a day or two and be ready to use in three weeks!), and made ANOTHER batch of my "famous" Chex Mix scrambles for the kids and me!

Something a bit more serious? Or not.

Sarah Palin: Blast From The Past

Remember Sarah Palin? Governor of Alaska? Republican vice-presidential nominee? Expensive wardrobe? Can see Russian from her house? Gets her news from a vast variety of sources? Yeah, that's the one. Here at TPMmuckraker, we've kind of been steering clear of [...]
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