Saturday, December 06, 2008

Propping Up The Economy

Bill Clinton has his own ideas, but I'm betting that Barack Obama is listening.

Bill Clinton: US Must Spend Its Way Out Of Crisis

Former President Bill Clinton said Friday the U.S. government has no choice but to spend its way out of its worst economic crisis in decades.With the U.S. economy in a recession, Clinton said President-elect Barack Obama must [...]
UPDATE: Clinton was in Malasia for a speech, paid for by a controversial businessman.  Looks like this might be one relationship that Bill will wish didn't happen.
...“You should be proud of this man,” Mr. Clinton told the audience, pointing at Mr. Sekhar, the 40-year-old chief executive of the Petra Group, a privately held rubber technology company. But several angry investors in Britain and Malaysia say they disagree with the former president’s glowing[...]


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