Monday, November 24, 2008

Transition Cooperation

It's quite encouraging to see President Bush confer with Barack Obama about the Citibank bailout this weekend. The fact that the President says there will more talking between the two about similar situations is, likewise, encouraging.  It's all starting to position Obama as a President-Elect with much more power than we usually see...Almost-daily news briefings, policy statements and appointments that obviously are pleasing to Wall Street. One question - is there REALLY an "office of the President-Elect"?

Get This

James Rosen and Steven Thomma write for McClatchy Newspapers: Whether by design or necessity, Obama appeared to be using the deepening economic crisis to step to the forefront and seize the stage in order to reassure a nervous nation two months before he takes office. One prominent Republican, former Secretary of Treasury James Baker, suggested that Obama [...]


  1. my initial thought upon hearing about Citibank's potential bankrupcy was, Yipee! this will cancel out the small fortune's worth of debt I have stored up on my trusty Citi-card... right?