Saturday, November 22, 2008

Early Thanksgiving

I'm headed out on this chilly Saturday morning to pick up the monthly bushel basket of locally grown/produced foods.  Sustainability.  That's what it's all about.  Then, I'm coming home to put a turkey in the smoker for an early Thanksgiving with the kids.  They're both headed out of town for the "real" turkey day with their respective spouse and future spouse.  So, I'm making them testers for an interesting looking smoked turkey recipe I found online. If it turns out really tasty, I'll share it here.  I'm smoking it today, for dinner tomorrow, so as to not risk a timing error since guessing the total time in the smoker is an inexact science, at best. Tempurature. Tempurature. Tempurature.  That's what counts.

UPDATE: This turkey had better be GREAT! It took an hour of prep work before going into the smoker!

To keep you busy, consider this as a fascinating suggestion.  And, remember, the stock market shot up 500 points yesterday with word of Obama's treasury secretary pick...

Bush: Go now

Here's an idea I can heartily endorse: Bush and Cheney resign now. That would put House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in charge -- and beginning an early implementation of the Obama regime. There's an [...]


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