Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Smackdown

Noted on one of the more conservative blogs this morning...a thorough chastising of the GOP..

Craig And Vitter Are Just The Latest In The Self Desructive Meltdown Of The Republican Party

It’s always interesting to watch a political entity crash and burn, and it is even more so when that entity goes down in flames due to its own folly. Through the magic of modern mass media we watched as Nixon humiliated this country in the eyes of the world as his shifty, crooked manipulations were uncovered one dirty little detail after another. Clinton did his part in making this country a laughing stock the world over by [...]

Speaking of smackdowns, that same blog delivers one to our own Mike Huckabee:

Why Mike Huckabee Can’t Be The Conservative Choice For President, Redux Plus One

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