Monday, September 03, 2007

The Real Reason

Why did the President fly to Iraq today?  An explanation and some numbers to support it below..

Bush/Cheney in Iraq: Winning By Failing

The chart at left (click on it to enlarge) was compiled by The Washington Monthly’s Kevin Drum in response to Juan Cole’s assessment of claims the surge is a “success.” I guess the President’s sneak visit to Iraq this morning, aside from detracting from traditional labor day speeches that would otherwise pound this Administration [...]

Oh, by the way, dogsitting chores are now offically over.  I'm exhausted, but committed to one more battle with the grill this evening. Five of those critters are a real handful/houseful.  Especially when one is a very young, very energetic, puppy.  But, we survived and so did they.  Our two dogs are stretched out on the floor, enjoying the feeling of having "their" house back! We haven't told them yet, but the "cousins" are coming for a return visit in a month or so!!

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