Saturday, September 01, 2007

Olbermann Update

I'm still looking for the raw numbers, but Olbermann announced something quite impressive during last night's "Countdown" - the show was, according to Keith, Number 1 in the 25-54 demo Thursday night, beating Bill O'Reilly for the first time.  He also mentioned "Countdown" was the highest rated of all the cable news programs Thursday night.  What happened?  I'm suggesting a combination of things - he got a lot of new exposure with the Sunday night show just before football on NBC.  Sure, critics will argue that he came in fourth place with something like 4 million viewers.  But, that's WAY more viewers than anybody gets on the cable nets.  So, the exposure certainly didn't hurt.  O'Reilly is on vacation this week, so that likely contributed to lower viewership for his program, although I doubt that many loyal Fox News viewers just marched over to MSNBC for a week.  Not likely at all.  We'll have to see if the trend holds next week.  But, for right now, it's hard to see it as anything other than a HUGE victory for Olbermann and MSNBC.

UPDATE:  Here are the numbers. Keith was correct.  It's a WIN.

The Scoreboard: Thursday, August 30

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