Thursday, September 06, 2007

iPods, iPhones and more...

Ya know, if I had plunked down $600 bucks a few weeks ago for a spiffy, new, iPhone - I think I might be just a tad bit PO'd right about now. Actually, I'm pretty darn sure I'd be PO'd. But, I didn't jump. So, I'm a lot happier and still have the money.  Oh, you haven't heard?  Read on...

Levy: Can Apple’s New iPods Deliver?

Steve Jobs explains the new iPod lineup, the competitive pressures facing Apple and the potential for angry customers over the iPhone price cut [...]

UPDATE:  Apple's giving SOMETHING to the early adopters...

Apple Inc (AAPL.O), faced with an outcry from iPhone customers who bought the device before a sharp price cut, will offer them a $100 store credit, Chief Executive Steve Jobs said on Thursday. The offer applies to people who bought iPhones at [...]

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