Sunday, September 02, 2007

Inside Look

New book on the way, detailing the inner working of the President's mind.  Fascinating, if not a bit troubling.

Self-Pitying Bush Pines for a Pony

People that know me know that I frequently joke about Bush's prospects in retirement. Who is going to pay to hear him give a speech? George W. Bush is like Dan Quayle on steroids. He's not just ridiculous, he's actually responsible. He's going to go down in history as a kind of hybrid of Nixon/McGovern/Carter. He'll be part radical, part incompetent, part crooked, and totally responsible for ruining the short-term prospects for his party. No one is going to want to hear Bush speak. First of all, he can't speak [....]

Oh, by the way, for the next couple of days, fresh posts will be on top since I'm not aggregating them in my editor and uploading them all at once, the way I usually do.

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