Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Geography Lesson

Let's see, if a plane flies from North Dakota to Louisiana, it likely flies right over.....Arkansas!

Breaking: B-52 Carrying 5 Nuclear Warheads Mistakenly Flew Across United States

From Americablog: CNN’s Barbara Starr has been breathlessly reporting the news that a B-52, loaded with nuclear warheads, flew across the country last week — without anyone’s knowledge. It has caused quite a stir in the military. Starr reports that Bush had to be informed about the mistake. Here’s an NBC report: An Air Force [...]

And, a possible reason for all of this:

Staging Nukes for Iran?

Why the hubbub over a B-52 taking off from a B-52 base in Minot, North Dakota and subsequently landing at a B-52 base in Barksdale, Louisiana? That’s like getting excited if you see postal worker in uniform walking out of a post office. And how does someone watching a B-52 land identify the cruise missiles as nukes? It just does not make sense. So I called a old friend and retired B-52 pilot and asked him. What he told me offers one compelling case of [...]

Let's Update this one with thoughts from former CIA guy, Larry Johnson, via Talking Points Memo:

Remember Who We're Dealing With

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