Friday, August 31, 2007

Yet Another Problem

I know the list is already long; the list of problematic situations in Iraq. But, there's yet another issue to add...cholera.

The occupation that just keeps on giving (2).

Cholera is on the rise in northern Iraq as sanitation and medical systems break down from the stresses of coping with thousands of internal refugees. So far, 5000 people have been afflicted with the disease. ""The disease is spreading very fast," Dr Juan Abdallah, a senior official in Kurdistan's health ministry, told a UN agency. "It is the first outbreak of its kind here in [...]

Now, just watch - somebody is going to take that last phrase and say, "See, the war's been underway for a long time and this is the FIRST outbreak, so that's really a pretty good record".  Or something equally silly.  Oh, by the way, here's another "issue":

U.S. Says Company Bribed Officers for Work in Iraq

An American-owned company paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to U.S. officers in efforts to win more than $11 million in contracts [...].

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