Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Will He Stay?

Or, will he go? I'm betting on the latter.

‘It’s the hypocrisy that people can’t stand’

When it comes to sex scandals, the past year has been less than kind to conservatives. There’s no reason to go into too many prurient details, but the list isn’t getting any smaller: former Rep. Mark Foley (engaged in explicit IM chats with congressional pages), megachurch evangelist Ted Haggard (lied about being gay), Republican Sen. [...]

UPDATE:  Looks like, for now, he's staying.  But this is just so bizarre..

ID-Sen: Craig's Big Announcement

With the Senate Republican leadership calling for an official investigation of the Craig incident, this announcement comes as a surprise. He's going to try to continue the line that the only thing he did wrong was to plead guilty. That's not really flying with anyone in Idaho, whatever his new legal counsel might come up with. As Jeffrey Toobin said on CNN, this is one of the most bizarre statements made by a U.S. Senator ever--he was framed but pleaded guilty anyway? So he's going to try to stick it through until next month when [...]

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