Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday's Tribulations

Yes, indeed.  We're certainly not seeing the usual August slowdown in news. Personally, I'm upset at the position Keith Olbermann has taken in the Vick case. I'll buy into his support of Michael Vick to the point that he seems resigned to the fact that he's going to pay dearly for what he did. As he should. That certainly doesn't diminish the absolute ugliness of what he was involved with - the brutal executions of dogs. Olbermann, I'm guessing, doesn't own a dog.  Maybe never has and never will.  Maybe he didn't even have one as a child. No normal pet person could dismiss Vick's actions as easily as Olbermann seems to have done.  Over on Headline News this morning, about half of Robin Meade's audience (those who text messaged a vote) didn't believe Vick was sincere; another 25 percent thought it was "too little, too late". I can't find any final results online, but I'm betting they didn't vary much from those numbers.  Olbermann's still a major talent and "Countdown" is excellent much more often than not, but taking this stance isn't a good thing.  In my book, it's very bad.  Then, again, I'm writing this with a beautiful black lab mix and a fluffy peakapoodle-something mix at my feet.  Maybe he's just trying to attract attention and generate some debate.  Maybe. All of that being complained about, it's good to see Keith's success with Countdown seems to be continuing...the latest PR missive from MSNBC is right here.. Speaking of cable and my soapbox, consider the early morning cable battle...

August Numbers: Robin & Company owns Morning Joe…

HLN’s Robin & Company bested MSNBC and its Morning Joe program in both the P2+ and P25-54 categories. This is the first time in more than two years (July 2005) that HLN has surpassed MSNBC in P2+ in the morning. P2+ 6-10a Robin & Co. 212,000 6-9a Morning Joe 206,000 P25-54 6-10a Robin & Co. 95,000 6-9a Morning [...]

Morning Joe has its moments, but flounders more often than flies. Meade's show is wonderful.  We'd be constant viewers except for one little thing: our cable company drops a local public affairs show in at :55 every hour.  That's just fine.  The gawdawful music that introduces it makes us reach for the remote every time. Once I've gone away, I'm not going to make the effort to come back.  Not until I'm more awake than most mornings....

The other news?  How about fraud and corruption.  Where, you ask?

Fraud and kickbacks, Iraq War Style

Major scandal brewing over criminality in Iraq. This is what happens when there is no oversight of the war. What were Susan Collins and Joe Lieberman as Chairs of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee for the past five years? They were too busy championing Bush's war to question anything: "Several federal agencies are investigating a widening network of criminal cases involving the purchase and delivery of billions of dollars of weapons, supplies and other matériel to Iraqi and American forces, according to American officials. The officials said it amounted to [...]

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