Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Night Wrapup

Well, the weekend turned out even busier than I anticipated. It culimated tonight with a fun get together with other transplanted Iowa Hawkeye fans at the Arkansas Travelers' baseball game. Great people, good fun, but the game was a bust.  We left in the 8th, with  Springfield leading 16-0.  The homemade barbecue sauce mentioned in Friday's post turned out to be the hit of the weekend.  Kids and guests all left with containers of the stuff.  I'm hooked, that's all I'll say!  Home now, winding down for the new week.  Here are a few quick links to posts that I stumbled on while making a very quick run through bloglines tonight..

Missing New Orleans

Historian Douglas Brinkley, who wrote a masterful account of Hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans, writes today in the Washington Post that George Bush wants most of New Orleans to die. Why else the official neglect? "Bush's general attitude -- a Catch-22 recipe if ever there was one -- appears to be that only rank fools would return when [...]

Rebuilding New Orleans — Some Care, Others Don’t

As we approach the second anniversary of Hurricaine Katrina, it’s great that Barack Obama has released as substantive plan to rebuild New Orleans, which includes measures to give the jobs to New Orleans residents and not to the corporations who are presently on the receiving end of BushCo. largesse. John Edwards has also [...]

Over 400K Iraqis have fled country since 'surge'

The Iraqi Red Crescent Organization reports that despite Dear Leader's military surge to increase security in the country, the number of Iraqis fleeing their homes because of the violence has increased dramatically, with over 400,000 leaving since the beginning of the year. "The number of displaced Iraqis shot upward [...]

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