Friday, August 31, 2007

Progress Report

Sure, it's going much, much, better over in Iraq.  Everywhere you turn there are signs of progress, right? Sorry, but I'm just not seeing it. 

‘We should start over’

The National Intelligence Estimate said Iraq is a bloody mess unlikely to improve anytime soon. The Government Accountability Office says Iraq is not making any political or military progress. And an independent examination of the Iraqi police shows a force that is so far gone, it might need to be scrapped altogether. An independent commission established by [...]

And, from Juan Cole, what may be one of the most important and concise posts of the evening..

Arguments over Night of the Living Dead in Iraq

...I personally find the controversy about Iraq in Washington to be bizarre. Are they really arguing about whether the situation is improving? I mean, you have the Night of the Living Dead over there. People lack potable water, cholera has broken out even in the good areas, a third of people are hungry, a doubling of the internally displaced to at least 1.1 million, and a million pilgrims dispersed just this week by militia infighting in a supposedly safe all-Shiite area. The government has all but collapsed, with even the formerly cooperative sections of the Sunni Arab political class withdrawing [...]

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