Thursday, August 30, 2007

NOLA Reconstruction

Our actual "introductory post" for the evening is just below this one.  However, I've been looking for this Greg Palast report for a couple of days now. FireDogLake came through (during halftime of the LSU/Mississippi State football game) with a link to the details.  It's truly hard to believe that it's happening in such a wonderful old city, just a few hours to our south..

From the People Who Brought You Iraq Reconstruction….

Greg Palast tells the story of some residents of New Orleans who were forced out of their homes — their nice, undamaged-by-flooding homes — and are being kept out at gunpoint. Why? Apparently because these residents are black and impoverished, and the plan is to turn New Orleans into an upscale majority-white city: “They wanted them [...]

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