Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How Bad Is It?

Talk about taking it on the chin!  The GOP comes off looking mighty bruised after this evaluation..

GOP Operative: "The real question for Republicans in Washington is how low can you go"

The Republicans Party presents itself as the model of virtue and familiy values. The Republican Party has an agenda based on hate and divisiveness. That Republican Party is falling apart. Read this article in today's New York Times: "Just when Republicans thought things could not get any worse, Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho confirmed that [...]

The push is officially on.  Even his own party wants him out. Now.

GOP lawmakers call for Craig’s ouster

I guess yesterday’s speech from Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) wasn’t persuasive; the long knives are out. Idaho Sen. Larry Craig’s political support eroded significantly Wednesday when three fellow Republicans in Congress called for his resignation and party leaders pushed him from senior committee posts in the Senate. The White House expressed disappointment — and no support — [...]

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