Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzales Resigns

Welcome to Monday evening, my friends.  It's not too difficult to figure out how to kick off this evening's posts. Gonzales is out. For your reading enjoyment, a collection of updates about the Alberto's decision to call it quits.  And, more importantly, what that means and who the successor might be.


Guest-blogged by Jon Ponder, Pensito Review Word that U.S. Attorney Gen. Alberto Gonzales resigned on Friday has been leaked to the press, apparently by officials at the vacation home of George W. Bush in Texas: Mr. Gonzales, who had rebuffed calls for his resignation, submitted his to President Bush by telephone on [...]

Bye Bye Alberto

It is a testament to the utter failure of the Bush Administration that even the Kewpie Doll from Hell™ Michelle Malkin has taken the full swan dive and is swimming away from the sinking Ship of State as fast as any rat ever swam: Back in May, I said I wouldn’t be shedding tears and my [...]

Leahy Comments on Gonzales Resignation

From Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT): “Under this Attorney General and this President, the Department of Justice suffered a severe crisis of leadership that allowed our justice system [...]

CNN: Bush Plans To Install Inexperienced, Bush Loyalist Clay Johnson At Homeland Security

This morning, CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux reported that “very senior level sources” inside the administration are telling her that Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff will replace Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Additionally, these sources say Chertoff will be replaced at Homeland Security by Clay Johnson III, the Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management [...]

And, from the right; criticism -

The Democrat Smear Machine Claims Another Victim

Democrats may be patting themselves on the back right now, but this just another example of Democrats repeating a lie over and over and over enough that the lie was accepted as conventional wisdom..Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned, ending [...]

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