Monday, August 27, 2007


Let's focus more on the possibility that the Bush Administration will nominate Michael Chertoff as Attorney General. That's not sitting well at all with some of the more progressive bloggers tonight...

No to Chertoff as AG

There are no positive developments with the Bush administration. All movement is retrograde. Always. What this means is that the welcome resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is not something to applaud but, rather, an opportunity for mischief. The rumor mill has it that Bush will nominate Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff to replace Alberto Gonzales. Democrats should absolutely refuse to confirm this nomination. But more on that below. Another concern is Bush's reported intention to replace Chertoff at the DHS with his prep-school buddy Clay Johnson III. Clay Johnson [...]

UPDATE:  Someone else feels the same -

How Dems should proceed on new AG

Glenn Greenwald’s perspective on this is a helpful guide to Senate Dems. This is a real moment of truth for the Democratic Congress. Democrats, who have offered up little other than one failure after the next since taking power in January, can take a big step toward redeeming themselves here. No matter what, they must ensure [...]

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