Friday, July 13, 2007

Image Issue

The list gets longer.  More GOP'ers are being busted on nasty sex allegations. We'll build on the list right here, if it grows any further.  For now, we'll defer to the folks at FireDogLake for a succinct summary. I'm guessing there might be one on the list you haven't heard of!

Late Nite FDL: Grand Old Perverts

There must be something in the air. Either that or we have arrived at the Republican mating season, for we are catching more and more of them participating in their bizarre courtship rituals. Most of us are at least passingly familiar at this point with the tale of Senator Dave Vitter of Louisiana, a very [...]

And, then, there is THIS tidbit. Multitasking, I see.

Vitter Received Calls From DC Madam During House Roll Call Votes

A woman accused of running a Washington prostitution ring placed five phone calls to David Vitter while he was a House member, including two while roll call votes were under way, according to telephone and congressional records. Vitter, a Louisiana Republican now in the Senate, acknowledged Monday that [...]

UPDATE: Oh, by the way, Allen in Florida says we've got it all wrong!

All This Sex Talk

Florida State Rep. Bob Allen proclaims his innocence: Rep. Bob Allen, a Merritt Island Republican who was first elected to the state House in 2000, told a Central Florida television station that it was “a very big misunderstanding” and a “gross mistake.” “I’m not in anyway associated with that they are saying, this is disgusting,” said Allen [...]

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